Sm4sh Monthly Ranking(March Near-End)

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Sm4sh Monthly Ranking(March Near-End)

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:36 pm

Listen up Smashers! Welcome to the Nova Middle/High School unofficial Smash Ladder where we will be posting the monthly power rankings for the players in the school. These rankings will be determined by skill level and overall record with the combination of tournament statistics. I will try to hold monthly tourneys, but I am not so sure yet. As of right now, I would like to congratulate Dante Ebanks on successfully winning the first Nova Middle Tournament and thus taking spot #1 on the power level list. Here is the list as of right now:

1. Dante Ebanks
2. Claudio Avendano
3. Joseph Perbtani
4. Sebastian Tirado
5. Koi Hamilton
6. Ryan Sheffield
7. Jesse Solomon
8. Diego Davila
9. Ted Pasquette
10. Eduardo Cueto

Now I know that these schools have more than 10 smashers! So please find more players and ask them to join this forum, and as for newcomers to this ranking, you will be put behind last place, but do not worry because there is much opportunity to climbing the ranks. To climb the ranks, you must have an official friendly set with someone else who is ranked. These sets are best of 5 or first to 3 wins using Apex rules(2 stocks and 6 minutes with no items). Good Luck! Also Tournaments really affect your rank, so you can choose whether or not you would like to join them. Peace.

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